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Company Profile

Guangzhou Yuantai Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. is an outstanding manufacturer which integrates Research and Development (R&D), production and marketing of high performance plastic additives.

The headquarters is located in Tianhe Industrial Park. Our R&D is led by a strong and experienced doctoral research team that works very closely with universities. The aim is tokeep enhancingthe properties as well as their applications.

As a leading specialist in plastic additives, we commit ourselves to the high-performance multi-functional additives. Up till 2011, a series of brand has been developed to fill the gap and meet the needs of the market. Our products are unique in the market and therefore we are the only manufacturer and have our own patent.

By combing a special chemical process and unique synthetic technology, our brand “Lubtop”possesses the features of high compatibility, coupling, disperity and super lubrication. The properties therefore help solve a lot of issues on compounding and modification. Furthermore, the surface the products and many mechanical properties can be upgraded and strengthened.

Our products are widely accepted and used in many fields. To name but a few, modified engineering plastics, high filler and high temperature modified plastics, elastomer and rubber processing, functional masterbatches, injection moulding, extrusion moulding, and mineral powder coating.


●提升品质 ●降低成本

●解决产品缺陷 ●产品专案研发订制